A warm welcome

A warm welcome to my website which I hope will inspire you to want to make a Change for the Better.

I can offer you a person centered approach within a safe and comfortable environment where we can build a relationship of trust in order to explore your personal issues together. I am able to draw on a variety of approaches in order to help you. Being able to talk to someone who is trained to listen in a non-judgmental way can bring relief to you and help you make the changes you desire.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling is based on psychotherapy which can focus on working with you for a long-term if necessary and draws from insight into emotional problems and difficulties. This form of therapy can address a number of issues such as: depression anxiety or other mood difficulties; issues of confidence or low self esteem; trauma; loss, bereavement, health or work situations; relationship issues; anger management; stress management; conflict; looking at deeper issues of self-change; issues of existence and the value of your life.

Hypnotherapy can follow on from psychotherapeutic counselling but there will always be an element of basic counselling prior to hypnotherapy to establish how I can help you. Hypnotherapy can be very effective as it can reach the subconscious part of your brain to reinforce the changes you wish to make. It is also particularly effective in dealing with unwanted habits and behavior such as smoking, alcohol intake, weight management, fear, anger, anxiety and sleep problems. It is a relaxing experience which, in itself, is beneficial to your mind and body. This process of relaxation and visualization allows your subconscious to focus on the changes you wish to make.


How I can help you

There is often a cycle to our behaviour that can result in one issue leading to another. For example, anxiety can trigger physical responses such as tight feelings in your chest, ruminating subconscious thoughts that wake you in the night resulting in not being able to cope during the day causing more anxiety resulting in a "Cycle of Anxiety". This can sometimes trigger a habitual response such as smoking, drinking alcohol, comfort eating, drinking too much caffeine which all just perpetuates the cycle of anxiety. This cycle can go round and round and can have an adverse effect on your physical and mental health.

Therefore, there is often more than one issue when clients come to see me. One issue often leads to another and I can help you to find ways to understand and change your thoughts and behaviour.

Therapy can be short or long term. The number of sessions will depend on the depth and complexity of the issues you want to resolve.