Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Psychotherapeutic counselling is a therapeutic relationship between you and myself and is a type of counselling that is based on theories within psychotherapy. It is a talking therapy which can be targeted towards helping you with your individual needs and finding ways in which you can make effective changes to enhance your life. It is often easier to talk about personal issues with a trained therapist rather than with family or friends. Psychotherapy can help to deal with difficult life issues which can include trauma, bereavement, divorce, redundancy, loss of self esteem, confusion, dissatisfaction with your life and various deep issues.

As a qualified psychotherapeutic counsellor I can offer you an environment in which you can express your feelings and gain a deeper insight into your issues. I will listen carefully and be impartial, non judgemental and will assist you with warmth and empathy so that you can openly discuss your feelings and emotions. The sessions are strictly confidential, so you can talk about things you might not feel comfortable discussing with anyone else. The rapport between you and I can provide a supportive mirror that encourages you to take action towards creating positive changes in your life. The aim is to help you find better ways to cope, or to bring about changes in the way you think and behave that will improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. It can provide you with a fresh perspective and make a huge difference to your emotional life.

Hypnotherapy can often enhance and reinforce this form of counselling if appropriate.


Hypnotherapy can help you to understand that your subconscious mind can be your friend as opposed to being your enemy. The subconscious is where your automatic behaviour patterns and habits become imbedded in your brain and through relaxing hypnotherapy it is possible to change the way you think and react for good.

Hypnotherapy should not be confused with stage hypnosis. You will always remain conscious and very relaxed as if you are in an induced daydream. It is a little like being half awake in bed or relaxing on a beach, letting your mind wander. It is a skill I can teach you in order to reinforce what you learn during our sessions and to generally balance your life.

Whilst in this trance like state, you can learn to start to change the way you think, changing your whole attitude in your mind and body. It is as if your thoughts are in charge of your mind which in turn is in charge of your feelings, your brain and ultimately your body. Your brain and body react to your initial thoughts and there can be psychosomatic negative as well as positive responses. Positive or negative thoughts and behaviours can cause neurotransmitters from the brain to affect the body. Some unpleasant physical reactions can be anxiety, panic, sweaty palms, nausea, loss of concentration, raised heartbeat and blood pressure, disturbed sleep, IBS, headaches and other psychosomatic disorders. Often the key will be to change the way you think with the help of hypnotherapy which can target the subconscious part of your brain and improve your mental and physical health in the process.

Everything you learn, from tying your shoe laces to learning to ride a bicycle or drive a car requires your conscious mind until gradually it sinks into the subconscious part of your brain. At first, realistically you will still require your conscious mind (your will power) to learn your new patterns of behaviour. Hypnotherapy can effectively help your new behaviour "sink in" to the subconscious part of your brain and enhance your motivation to change for the better.
Powerful visualisation techniques can be employed in hypnotherapy which can help establish a whole new outlook towards a change for the better.